• Publications

  • LassoNet: A neural network with feature sparsity [pdf] [JMLR copy]
    Ismael Lemhadri, Feng Ruan, Louis Abraham, Robert Tibshirani
    Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2021

    A neural network with feature sparsity [pdf]
    Ismael Lemhadri, Feng Ruan, Robert Tibshirani
    AISTATS 2021

    Price Impact in a Latent Order Book [pdf][MML copy]
    Ismael Lemhadri
    Market Microstructure and Liquidity, 2020

    • Preprints and notes

    Exact recovery in the stochastic block model with the relaxed K-means [pdf]
    Ismael Lemhadri, Youssouf Emin

    Deep Learning based Endoscopy Video Classification [pdf]
    Oussama Fadil, Ismael Lemhadri, Crystal Zheng

    • PhD Thesis [pdf]